State of the Art Plant and Production Facility

On April 27th, 2011, a massive EF4 tornado tore through Alabama and left a trail of destruction across the state. Our building which housed production and front offices, suffered a devastating blow, and the damage to our facilities rendered it a total loss. Amazingly, the three employees on campus during this storm all emerged safely from the rubble. Deciding to see the ruin as an opportunity rather than an obstacle, we immediately began imagining and drafting plans for what our new building would be. Today, we have an expanded production facility that houses state of the art production and finishing equipment.

During construction of our new building, we were fortunate to have wonderful family, friends, customers, and suppliers lend their hands in the cleanup effort. We are also eternally grateful to those who provided temporary locations that enabled us to get back up and running within an extremely short period of time. While some may have decided to give up, our family of workers buckled down and found the inspiration to work harder knowing that very soon we would be back in our own building. Watching the construction of the new building was literally like watching our business rise from the ashes. The end result proved more than we could have hoped for.

Ensuring that we would come back better than ever, Bill Remmert decided to expand the facilities and include the most state of the art technology available. With our new building, we have the ability to have all of our shop drawings produced in-house with our expert team of engineers. Our innovative technology allows us to create images with great detail, which assist in avoiding complications late in the project.

Our new facilities have all the space and equipment necessary to make Remmert & Company the leader in full-service woodwork and millwork for both commercial and residential markets in the Southeast. If you are interested in seeing our state of the art facilities, give us a call, we would be glad to schedule a tour of our new corporate office and manufacturing plant.



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