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The Full Story

In 1947, Ed Montgomery started, owned, and operated Montgomery Woodworks.  Bill Remmert was already immersed in the construction industry and began to have a desire to run his own business. Bill was a fan of the custom pieces from the metals he was working with. In 1989, Bill appreciated MW and their work in the custom department.  This began the conversation of buying MW, which ended up taking place that year. Fast forward through some Remmert ownership, in 1995 the manufacturing facility located in Tuscaloosa, AL was bought. Jump ahead to 2011, an unexpected tornado hit the facility which didn't hinder; rather brought about growth in the company.  Bill decided to change the name to Remmert & Company in 2012. Whether it was the tornado or the name change, the years from 2012 to 2018 began a period of growth that nearly tripled the size of Remmert & Company.  In 2018, Barry and Luke - our current CEO and COO - decided to purchase the company from Bill Remmert. For today, the company continues to see growth and set it's sights to maintain this trajectory.  



Remmert & Company is a Commercial Millwork Company that resides in the 6th division of the construction industry. We deliver quality products ON TIME. We handle a variety of scope and look to provide transparency with our customers. We strive toward larger commercial millwork packages. 

Vision & Values

To prepare for the future and the goals we have for ourselves; we have decided to take a deeper dive into the internal health of the company. We have implemented a new internal operating system that will help us narrow in on our values. We want to be known for our Accountability, Service, Communication, Attitude, Problem Solving, and Continuous Improvement. 

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