Barry Strozier
Executive Vice President and COO
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Barry came to Remmert & Company in 2010 as a project manager in the quickly expanding Atlanta market. Today, Remmert’s business in the Atlanta Metro contributes more than thirty percent of the company’s gross revenue.

The preparation for his career in construction began after Barry received an undergraduate business degree from the University of Georgia and a Master’s degree from Georgia State. After starting a career in sales soon after graduation, he was brought on by Remmert & Company to help service and expand Remmert & Company’s new Atlanta market. In 2015 Barry was called to Tuscaloosa to manage Remmert’s project management and installation teams.

Barry is now Executive Vice President, COO and partner in the business, effectively splitting the duties of running the company with President, CEO Luke Remmert. He and his wife Lucy have four children and Barry enjoys spending time with them and coaching their sports teams.

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