Barry Strozier
Executive Vice President
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Responsibilities at Remmert & Company

My time is spent managing our installation staff and project management team - ensuring jobs are done correctly - and on time.

History with the Company

My wife is an interior designer. We were living in Atlanta at the time our first child was born, so to spend more time with the baby, we decided she would freelance. Her father, Bill Remmert, owner of Remmert & Company, hired her to handle some of their clients in the Atlanta area. Business kept expanding in Atlanta for Remmert & Company, it was really more than what she could do part time. So, we decided that we would focus on the area together. We spent the next 6 years growing our footprint in Atlanta. We are in Tuscaloosa now.


I specialized in marketing at the University of Georgia Business School and earned a Masters in Sports Administration from Georgia State University.

What I Like Most About What I Do

There are constantly new challenges, new situations, every day. No repetition. I thrive on this. I also get great pleasure creating something tangible from a designer’s or architect’s vision.


We have four children, two girls and two boys – under the age of 10. We have a lot of fun together. Never a dull moment as you might guess. But I love it.

Surprising Fact

Many people would be surprised to know that I enjoy cooking. Often times, on weekends I spend time trying new recipes. My wife appreciates that I love to cook. 

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