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Facility, Technology & Team

Remmert's 65,000 square feet of office and manufacturing space has state of the art  robotic equipment that has helped the business quickly grow into one of the largest architectural millwork companies in the Southeast. 


When Remmert & Company's office and manufacturing facility was rebuilt in 2011, difficult decisions had to be made about the future of the business. The easy decision would be to simply build back just as it was before. That strategy would not change Remmert's position in the market, however the decision was made to invest in a bigger and better facility. 


Not only has Remmert's manufacturing and office space expanded to 65,000 square feet, but it contains state-of-the-art technology, including robotic picking, storing, painting and staining equipment. The combination of increased space and greater capacity has allowed Remmert to produce attractive and durable millwork on projects of all sizes across the Southeast.  




Here at Remmert, we have a qualified team of Engineers that can take your ideas and turn those dreams into reality.  Through highly detailed orthographic drawings and precise machining, we can engineer even the most complex of designs.  We utilize the latest intelligent software to send those drawings to the manufacturing team for production.

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