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Shipping Manager


The focus of this position centers around the careful, deliberate, imaginative and serious undertaking of defined work. The job requires an ability to deal in a systematic and patient way with factual and technical information and processes, as well as an ability to focus directly on the knowledge base required for the task. This job requires a serious and disciplined approach. Doing this job successfully requires focus on the immediate work to be done. A disciplined, conscientious, hands-on approach is central to this job and it requires work that is high quality and precise. Getting it ‘done right’, with no mistakes is key to the position. This job is primarily task-focused and does not rely heavily on interactive or social skills. Due to the detailed, accuracy-focused nature of this job, the successful candidate will be subject to close scrutiny. Because this is a creative, technical position and because it requires a high level of expertise and accuracy, it provides an opportunity to thoroughly plan in order to do the job right.

Job Characteristics  
  • A systematic, patient pace with the emphasis on creative imaginative thought in order to get the job done right. Provides opportunity to complete one task before undertaking the next. The job provides stable, consistent methods, processes and procedures.

  • Technical, intellectual focus. Great deal of attention devoted to developing a creative solution to problems and decisions.

  • Offers the chance to develop expertise and a full understanding of the job to be done. This is an “Expert” job and requires a desire to develop and maintain specialty knowledge.

  • The quality and correctness of decisions is more important than the speed with which decisions are made. Decisions must be made based on factual information and cannot be rushed.

  • Communication is reserved and strictly factual. Communicates with confidence once sure of the information.

  • Critical delegation style.

  • Leadership is established by producing high quality, accurate products and processes. Devotion to the task supports and frames the leadership style.

Management Responsibilities

Shipping Manager responsibilities include but are not limited to the following:

  • Daily communication of department goals and key indicators on performance to all team members

  • Supportive, non-threatening leadership style

  • Communicate with project management team and schedule delivery of finished goods to the job sites.

  • Keep track of all finished goods before being shipped to the jobsite, including prebuild and store items that will be stored in of-site warehouse.

  • Review all finished good items for quality and address with the production team.

  • Manage palletization and packaging of finished goods, including labeling of products.

  • Manage creation of shipment items in ERP software (Innergy) and printing of bill of ladings.

  • Delegate shipments to drivers and manage shipment/ loading process throughout the workday.

  • Delegation of all other daily activities in department scope with clear expectations.

  • Address department needs of all team members and remove obstacles that negatively impact the flow of material or execution of daily activities.

  • Document and take actions to continually improve on key indicators that drive department performance.

  • Move team members to different work posts based on priorities of due dates and revenue.

  • Understand and communicate priorities based on the delivery schedule.

  • Provide hands-on, working manager support at all work posts and backfill all positions within the department when necessary.

  • Communicate with team members about attendance and performance while setting clear expectations based on the company attendance policy and disciplinary procedures.

  • Provide constant oversight of safety in the department and coach team members on proper procedures when needed.

  • Administer a managerial presence to the department floor at least 70% of each working shift.

  • Provide coaching to all department team members that will positively impact efficiency and quality of work.

  • Ensure that shift schedules are abided by and a timely return to work post is executed by all team members following allotted break periods.

  • Provide an environment in which all team members can contribute to continuous improvement and escalate issues or ideas to the Plant Manager or to the weekly Production L10 meeting.

  • Build rapport within the department and cultivate a team-oriented environment

  • High School diploma, GED, or higher is required

  • Relevant experience can be considered as an equivalent to a degree

  • One or more years’ experience within the woodworking, manufacturing, or construction industry is preferred.

  • One or more years' experience in a shipping related position is preferred.

  • Experience with the use of ERP software is preferred.

Computer Requirements 
  • Shipment scheduling software – Innergy

  • Time tracking software – Innergy

  • Shop drawing software – Innergy

  • Material requisition software – Innergy

Language & Mathematical Skills
  • Ability to effectively present information, questions, or discrepancies to Plant Management for resolution

  • Ability to add, subtract, multiply, and divide in all units of measure, using whole numbers, common fractions, and decimals; mentally, hand-and-paper, and calculator.

Work Location:
  • On Site

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